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Grosvenor Properties Ltd. is a real estate investment and management company, sponsoring investment partnerships and shepherding their assets. Grosvenor seeks to maintain a balanced portfolio consisting of high quality hotel, multi-family residential, commercial and industrial properties. Founded by Todd Werby�s father, Donald, Grosvenor celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2002. Grosvenor has its principal offices in San Francisco, and its core group of executives has been together with the company for more than 20 years.

Investment Strategy

Grosvenor conceives and implements a strategy designed to fit each particular project and partnership. It carefully analyzes financing, management, and marketing options for each asset in order to maximize returns to its investors and other financial partners. Grosvenor utilizes its extensive real estate expertise and savvy market timing to create the optimal structure of each of its real estate partnerships. Grosvenor specializes in turn-around situations where there is the opportunity to add value to an under performing asset.

Executive Officers

Todd Werby - President and Chief Executive Officer

Todd Werby grew up in the real estate business and joined Grosvenor on a full time basis in 1978, following his graduation from the University of California at Santa Cruz where he earned an honors degree in Economics. Starting off as an investment analyst, he learned the intricacies of deal structuring, financial markets, strategic planning, and marketing. In 1995, Werby assumed the role of Managing Director of Grosvenor. In 2005 he acquired all the outstanding stock of Grosvenor, and is the sole owner of the company today.

Susanne Gallagher - Executive Vice President

Ms. Gallagher started at Grosvenor in 1983 as Assistant Controller following her Graduation from Hayward State University with an M.b.A. in Finance. Ms. Gallagher is Grosvenor�s chief operating officer, overseeing the corporate staff, the operations of Grosvenor and the financing of the real estate portfolio.

Steve Nokes - Vice President and Treasurer

Mr. Nokes joined Grosvenor in 1982 as Controller. He earned a degree in business Administration in 1974 from the California State University at Fullerton and his CPA designation in 1982. Mr. Nokes supervises Grosvenor�s accounting department, which produces high quality and timely management and financial reports for all of Grosvenor�s assets

Dan Croley - Senior Vice President

Mr. Croley came to Grosvenor in 1981 already possessing a wealth of experience in asset management gleaned from his extensive experience at major financial institutions. Mr. Croley has over 30 years of real estate experience and is responsible for the asset management of Grosvenor�s non-hospitality related properties.

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